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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Workout

Story sent to me by Dustytip.

"Whew! what a work out that was" I mutter to no one in particular. Wiping the sweat from my face I glance around the gym and look at what everyone else is doing. "This is strange" I thought "there are more woman here today then men". Throwing the towel down, I sit on the weight bench and enjoy the show of woman tightly clad in their tights and thin tops. I hear a rustling and the sound of approaching shoes behind me. Turning to see who is approaching, I spy a woman wearing sweats and carrying a water bottle and towel. The look on her face tells me that she is serious about her workout. I can see the hint of her curves hiding under her sweats and know I have to talk to this woman.

She sets her water bottle and towel down on the floor and gives me a quick smile as she turns and walks away. Enjoying the view of of her rolling cheeks, I feel the familiar stirring in my loins and try to imagine this woman in my bed. She returns with some dumbbells, sets them down and seeing my gaze blushes slightly. She sits on the floor and timidly peeks at me. The blush hooks me and I know I need to have this woman.

Smiling, I introduce myself "Hi, My name is Thomas" I say. Looking a little startled that I had spoken to you you reply with a slight tremor "I'm Carol". Blushing slightly and refusing to make eye contact with me she immediately grabs the dumbbells in both hands and begins to lift them over her head and lower them to her shoulders. My gaze turns into a leer as I watch her breasts moving up and down inside her sweatshirt with each repetition. I watch as her nipples begin to harden and poke slightly through the thick fabric giving me just a hint of what lies underneath.

I feel my cock begin to harden and grow against the thin fabric of my shorts. With one last repetition she sets the dumbbells down and finally looks at me. Seeing my eyes piercing into her, she blushes again and begins to stand up. As she gets to her knees, I see my opportunity. Standing up and knowing that my hardness is in full view, I quickly walk over to her and offer my hand for her. "Let me help you up Carol" I say. She replies as she takes my hand "Thank you" and as she begins to rise she pauses for a moment and I can see her looking at my unabashed display. I let her linger a moment and pull her to her feet. I look into her sweet flushed face and with a smile "Can I help you finish your routine?" I offer. Blushingly and a little hesitant she replies "Hmmm, Yes I think I would like that".

We stretch and finish working out. I let my hands and hardness brush against her at every opportunity. Totally captivated I ask "So what do you next" "Ummm I usually go for a run after I finish" She reply's. With hope coursing through my body I tell her "Well I have a better idea. Why don't I take you out for a light after-workout snack". She replies "That would be wonderful. can you give me a ride home after?" Looking relieved I let her know that it wouldn't be a problem. She gives me a quick peck on the cheek and turns. "Where are you going" I ask. "I am just going to take a shower and get dressed" she replies. Smiling I say "Why don't you grab your things and shower at my place. It will save us some time". "If you don't mind, I would like that" she replies with a slight smile. I am pleased to see that she steals a quick glance down at my hardness as she turns and walks away.

Returning with a gym bag stuffed to the gills I escort her to the car and put her in. It is a short drive to my house and we waste no time going inside. "Where is the shower" she asks me as soon as the door is closed. I reply that it is down the hall, in the bedroom to the left. I watch as she walks down the hall. Her round cheeks exciting me as she turns the corner. I yell "There are fresh towels and plenty of hot water". I hear the door close and walk into the kitchen. Grabbing a bottle of wine and a couple glasses, I walk down the hall as I hear the rush of water through the pipes. I set the glasses and wine down on the nightstand. I walk to the door and open it slightly and with a raised voice " is everything OK Carol?". I can hear the water rushing and splashing as she replies "Everything is great. Where do you want to eat?" I reply with a smile "I have a couple of places in mind I think you might like".

Pushing the door open a little further, I can see the ripe fullness of her body through the thin veil of the shower curtain. I watch as she rubs the soap on her body and washes it off as I begin to take my clothes off. My cock finally free from it's tight confines, springs free as I slide the shorts down my legs and I step out of them. I give it a quick stroke and walk closer to the shower and lean one shoulder on the wall. "Is there room for two" I ask. Poking her head out of the shower and seeing me standing there causes her to blush once again. Her eyes travel down my body and as she stares at my hardness she replies "Ummm if there isn't, I'll make room" She grabs me by the hand and pulls me under the steamy spray.

I am finally able to take her all in. The water dripping down from her hair cascades over one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen. Her incredibly full breasts are tipped with nipples that are so hard they look like they could cut glass. Her silky tummy ending at her sparse trimmed loins. Reaching out I pull her towards me and enfold her in my arms as my lips find hers. Our tongues begin a slow dance and as I break the kiss, I grab her lower lip between my teeth and gently tug on it as we separate.

Looking deeply into her eyes I tell her in a forceful voice "Wash me and don't miss anything" Grabbing the soap she looks at me and replys "Yes Thomas".
Turning away from her and putting my hands on the wall, I feel her start to rub the soap on my back and work it lower. Her hands rubbing and playing over me as she washes the sweat from me. I feel her hands begin to lather my cheeks and I part my thighs for her. Her soapy hands travel down the crack of my ass and between my thighs. I feel one hand gently cup my balls and give them a gentle squeeze as the other hand slides around and wraps itself around the shaft of my engorged cock. As she begins to stroke it, I turn slightly and tell her "That feels good Carol. But I am going to cum in either your mouth or your pussy" Her hands leave my cock and travel up my chest and she turns me around to face her. "I want you in my mouth" she replys.

Dropping down to her knees and leaning forward with her face just a breath away from the tip I put my hands on her head and restrain her from going any further. Looking down at her as she looks up at me with a questioning expression on her face I say to her in a stern and demanding voice" I want you to finger yourself as you suck me and I do not want you to cum. Do you understand what I am saying". She answers with a slight grin "Yes Thomas. whatever you want baby." Letting go of her head with one hand I grab the shaft of my cock and run the tip around her lips and ask "How bad do you want it Carol" I watch as one of her hands quickly slides down her body and two fingers slide into her softness and she answers me with a low moan "I need it now baby! Just give it to me." I tease her further and slap my cock against her lips. Her lips part slightly and I take just the tip and slide it inside against her waiting tongue. Her fingers continue to slide in and out of her pussy as her tongue begins to swirl around the tip. "Don't you dare cum Carol" I say in a low growl. She just moans in response as I slide deeper into her mouth and watch her head ride up and down against the length. Over come with desire I grab her head and begin to thrust my hips into her. I thrust deeper with each stroke and her keening and moaning tell me she is close. I tell her again through clenched teeth "Don't cum Carol." Her hand reaches between my thighs and I feel her finger gently pushing against my pucker as I feel my orgasm begin deep inside my loins and let the feeling overtake me. Curling my hands into your hair my tempo increases as I feel the tip bouncing against her throat. Feeling my release begin, my cock starts to twitch and my juices flood her throat. I pull my cock out of her sucking mouth as it continues to twitch and spray. My hot sticky milk covers her cheeks and sprays on her breasts. As my orgasm subsides I see her begin to rub my juices into her breasts as her tongue flicks out and scoops up the milk from around her mouth. I look at her and tell her "Don't cum yet baby" She doesn't respond and I watch her fingers move against her wetness. Suddenly I see her eyes close, her body stiffen and tremble as a loud moan escapes from her. I move to her and hold her until her trembling and shaking stop and she goes limp against me.

Looking down at her I say in an even tone "Carol you are a bad girl. I told you not to cum and you disobeyed me." Without looking at me she stammers "I...I couldn't help it Thomas. I'll try to do better next time."Dry yourself off Carol and come into the bedroom when you are finished" I tell her as I step out of the tub and quickly dry myself. Hearing her step out of the tub behind me, "Hurry up" I say as I leave the room.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I open the wine and pour it into the glasses. As she comes into the bedroom I pat the bed beside me and as she sits down I turn slightly and hand her a glass. "Here drink this Carol you look a little parched" I say and I watch her take a long drought. "I am sorry Thomas" she says to me. "Carol you know that you were a bad girl and I need to punish you for it" I reply. Looking at me with a hint of fear she stammers "I..uh..I really...uh" Putting a finger to her lips to quiet her I whisper "Finish your wine Carol" I watch as she finishes her wine and I take her glass and set it on the nightstand. I look into her eyes and down my wine.

Setting my empty glass down, I tell her to stand up and face me. She complies without a word. As she is facing me her breasts are inches from my face. I reach up and pull her towards me as I take a nipple into my mouth and begin sucking and flitting my tongue around it. Feeling it tighten and grow I feel her place her hands on my shoulders and lean in closer. With a quick little bite I let go of her nipple and looking up I say "Now Carol. Your punishment is about to begin and this time you will obey me" She responds a little breathless "I will try Thomas."

"First I need you to show me how ready you are" I say in a stern voice. "Open your pussy for me and show me how wet you are." Watching her part her legs slightly and her hands reach down between them, My cock begins to stir and lengthen. Her pussy is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Her lips are perfect and inviting and her small clit is barely peeking out of it's hood. "You don't look ready yet Carol" I say "I need you to rub yourself until you are dripping and this time you had better not cum." "Yes Thomas" she replies. I watch as she takes a finger and dips inside her softness, moistening it and she begins to slide it over and around her pink bud. A low sigh escapes her throat as she continues to rub. In a matter of seconds, I see her inner lips begin to pout and they begin to glisten with her juice. "That's enough Carol" I say in a demanding voice. "You are ready now."

Reaching out and grabbing her by the hand I pull her close to me and look her deep in the eyes as I take her finger and suck her flavor into my mouth. I reach into the night stand and pull out a bottle of lotion. Putting the bottle on the bed and sitting further back, I say in a calm even voice "Carol, I want you to lay across my knees so that your cheeks are available to me. "I don't know if I want to do that Thomas" she replies. "Carol, you know that you deserve this and you will obey me" I say sternly. "Yes Thomas" she replies a little shaken. I lean back a little and watch her climb onto the bed and straddle my knees and thighs. I feel her moistness on my leg as I reach for the bottle of lotion. Opening it I squirt a large bead across both cheeks. She gasps as the cold lotion hits her skin. Setting the bottle down I begin to rub it slowly into her skin until it is glistening. "Carol you are not to cum this time or the punishment will be worse" I say intently. My massaging hands part her cheeks and I run a finger down the crack. Finding her rosy little pucker I rub around it making it slick with the lotion. My finger presses against it and I slowly slip the tip in. Her hips start moving against my thighs, and moaning slightly, she says "If this is a punishment, I want more of it"

I raise my hand and bring it down sharply against her cheek. "Yes this is a punishment and you are going to be taught a lesson." Letting out a shocked cry she tries to get away from my hand but I hold her tightly and begin to rub the sting. Watching the skin turn pink, I raise my hand and bring it down sharply causing her to gasp. Again, I bring my hand down and feel the skin quiver as she begins to rub against my knee with her moistness. "Don't cum Carol" I warn her, as I rub the redness.

"Part your legs for me" I tell her and as she complies with a whimper, I can see how wet she is. I bring my hand down on her cheek again and watch as she gasps and squirms under me. My hand slides down her crack and between her parted thighs. My fingers become soaked in her juices as they begin to slide between her bare soft petals. "Oh God Thomas" she says groaning loudly. "Yes baby! That feels good doesn't it" I whisper and with a rising voice I tell her "You had better not cum" I bring my hand down hard on her cheek one more time to reinforce my warning. "Ohhh don't stop" she says breathlessly. My fingers slide out of her most lips, my fingers and hand coated in her juices. They trace the outline of her lips and find her bud engorged and fully exposed. My fingers press into it and she gasps and wiggles her hips against the pressure. I take my other hand and rub the redness of her cheeks one more time and slide it slowly up her side and reach under to find her very tight nipple. I take it in my hand and give it a squeeze, and pull on it till she arches a little "I am so close to cumming Thomas...Please let me cum" She moans and whimpers. "No Carol" I reply.

Pulling my hands away, I lift her off of my knees and tell her forcefully "Show me your ass. Get it high in the air for me." I watch as she shakily gets on her hands and knees and points her pink cheeks at me. Moving behind her I grab the shaft of my hard cock. I dip it between her legs and let her juices soak it. "Now baby, I am going to begin to end your torture" I say. "You had better not cum until I tell you to" I say with a low growl. Guiding my cock between her moist, silky pussy lips, I let it bump against her bud and push into it so that my cock slides up it the whole length. Hearing her moan, I bring my cock back down and dip it into her wetness, letting just the tip enter and widen her. She tries to push back against me and I raise a hand and bring it down hard on her pink bottom. the sharp slap brings a whimper from her and stops her from engulfing me. Finding the lotion with one hand, I run my other hand up her back and with my fingers spread I gently push her head down. I open the lotion and pour a stream down the crack between her globes. I take my cock and slide it slowly out of her pussy and bring it ever so slowly underneath her lips, betwen her parted thighs, and slide it up the crack. I rub the tip of my cock into the lotion and slide it back and forth between her round globes. My fingers clench her hair and I hear her cry out "Oh God Fuck Me NOW"

"Not yet baby" I say with a growl. Her undulating hips begin to press back against me and I have to slap her cheeks again. SLAP...The intensity of the sting makes her ass quiver against my cock buried between your roundness. I take my hand and rub the lotion against the redness as I press the tip of my cock against her pucker and rub it around the opening. "Are you ready to cum Carol" I growl through clenched teeth.
"GOD YES" she screams in a loud breathless voice. My hips move higher and I let the tip of my engorged cock slip into her pucker slowly. Pausing and letting her tight hole accept what I have just given her, I take my hand and reach underneath and massage her chest below her hanging breasts. My hand slides along underneath and cups her breast I find her nipple and pinch it between my fingers.

"OHHHH" she moans as I feel her pucker expand. I push the head of my cock slowly in further and feel her shiver under me. Stopping and patiently waiting while your sucking ass excepts the girth, I give your cheeks another wallop and as you moan and squirm underneath me, I ask "Do you like this Carol, is the punishment good for you?" Your response is a low moan and my cock is engulfed into you fully as you push back against me. "Oh Thomas" you scream "I have always wanted this"

Moaning, I begin to stroke into you burying my full length with each thrust. My hands grab your hips and I stoke into your gaping hole with increased intensity. Feeling my orgasm approaching and not wanting this to end, I slide my cock out of you and just let the crown enter your pink, open pucker. It pops back and forth just inside you causing a pleasant burning sensation to fill you. My hand reaches under you and finds your moist bud. I begin to rub around it and feeling your tremors begin, I tell you growling between clenched teeth "Not yet...you do not get to cum until I say so."

My arms reach under your chest and I lift you to your knees so your back is pressed against my chest. Groaning as the action causes my full length to buried inside you, I wrap an arm around your chest and cup your full breast your nipple tight against my palm. I grab your hand and move it to your wetness and whisper in your ear "Now Carol". Your fingers slide inside your dripping petals and you start pumping them in and out. "OH GOD YES THOMAS" you growl as my fingers find your exposed clit and press on it. I grab it between my fingers and work the hood over it as my cock strokes into you deeper.. Your incredible tightness has me moaning and I find myself beginning to to feel my impending orgasm begin.

Biting on your neck I grunt "Cum For Me NOW. Feeling your back arch and your hips press down on me, I thrust for the last time and my cock begins to twitch deep inside you. Your breath comes in short, halting gasps as I feel your release hit you sending spasms up and down your body. Clutching you to me, I unload a steamy spray inside you. My cock is so tightly enveloped that it can barely move as it continues to twitch. Moaning loudly we collapse still entwined as we hit the soft bed......

Friday, February 5, 2010

As the Rain Pours Down

Susan’s anger began to boil as she cursed at the ignition when the engine failed to start. She looked around and saw nothing for miles, not a garage, or even a house any where in sight. Rain was just being to fall when she grabbed her jacket and got out of the car. She locked the door, then looked down at her three inch stilettos and wondered if she will be able to make a long walk.

Although it seemed like miles, she had only walked a few yards when she heard the sound of car engine coming down the road in front of her. The headlights caught her black stockings first as she began to wave frantically, bouncing up and down in an attempt to halt the oncoming car.

The man behind the wheel could hardly believe his luck as he slowed down to study her body. She was tall, with thick thighs, and a nicely shaped body. His thoughts quickly sent his foot to the brake pedal and he stopped with a screech of the tires.

“Thank you so much for stopping. I thought I was going to have to walk all night to find someone.”

“No problem, get in before you get to wet.”

Susan glanced at the driver and assessed she would be better off to take a chance with him, than to walk in the rain for god only knows how far. She slipped into the passengers seat as her skirt momentarily rose past her thighs showing a glimpse of her stocking top. She could feel his eyes mentally undressing her, going past her thighs, through her black silk panties until they rested on her cunt.

He couldn’t stop himself. His eyes strayed over her body, mentally removing the skimpy damp dress that clung to her body. He could imagine what was underneath, and smiled when he pictured her the type of girl who either wore no underwear or only the black silky type. He could feel himself starting to drool, and began talking gibberish nonsense.

Susan began to feel uncomfortable as the conversation quickly turned to little hints of sex. Her insides turned as he talked about how dark and deserted it was outside, and how they hadn’t passed another car or house for miles. Using the excuse that he had to use the bathroom, he pulled his car over to the side of the road.

Feeling uneasy, Susan made a grab for her seatbelt the moment the car came to a complete stop. Before she had a chance to grab for the door handle, he latched onto her arm. He could hear her heart pounding as he leaned over her and put his hand around her throat.

“You really didn’t think I was going to let you out of this car without some fun first?” he said as he reached under her shirt and felt the warm softness of her breasts. He wanted to suck them deeply into his mouth, but she pushed him away. He forcibly slapped her face and tore at the flimsy material until it gave way, revealing her two plump, rounded handfuls.

Her heart was beating so fast she could hear it in her ears as she tried for the door handle again. It flung open and out they fell into the pouring rain. She attempted to struggle out from under him, while still grasping onto the door handle of the car. Pinning her against the doorframe, he reached into the backseat floorboard and took out a long stretch of rope. He rolled down the window and with skill and speed, he quickly bound her wrists to the frame of the door.

She stood there helpless as he forced her legs apart and grabbed at her cunt through the silk panties. He could feel her moist lips of her clitoris stiffen and pulse at his touch. He smiled deeply as he admired the view spread out before him. He pushed her skirt up over her thighs to her waist and easily ripped away her thin silk panties. His eyes grew wide when the underneath revealed a freshly shaven pink pussy.

Susan writhed against the frame of the car door as she tried in vain to loosen the ropes that bind her wrist. She could feel the heat of his breath on her neck, his hands roaming over every inch of her body, his body firmly pushing against hers. She felt the hard cold steel metal of the door handle digging into her stomach as he shoved his hard penis into her dry cunt.

With all the power he had he relentlessly thrust his cock deep into her hole, moaning like an animal with each thrust. She screamed for him to stop, but she couldn’t be heard over the sound of thunder and rain pouring from the sky. He continued to fuck her cunt in and out until he was close to cumming. He withdrew his cock and moistened his finger in his mouth, and then began rubbing her pussy up and down, backwards and forwards, trying not to cum just yet.

She moaned loudly as his fingers explored deep inside her cunt, touching all areas, making her insides swell even tighter. He pressed his fingers deeper inside, wondering how deep he could go. The tightness of her opening clung to his fingers, pushing them out against the intrusion. He withdrew his fingers and slid his cock back into the moist opening. He quickly began pumping her cunt rapidly until he was breathing hard. In and out as the rain fell on their bodies, soaking them both.

Again he withdrew his rigid cock and untied her hands long enough to drag her limp body to the back of the car out of the rain. Susan felt exhausted from trying to free her hands from being bound, and her cunt ached from the intrusion that had filled her. She quickly realized he had more plans in mind when he pushed her down on her stomach in the backseat. Before she had a chance to turn over, he was on top of her with his cock bobbing up and down touching her exposed ass.

He licked his hand and wet his throbbing muscle until it was moist enough to slide between Susan’s ass cheeks. She let out a begging scream of no as his cock slowly pushed into her backside. He used his free hand to stifle her screams as he pushed fully into her ass. The tightness closed around his cock, squeezing it firmly in its grip.

Susan’s face smashed against the seat of the car as the man began shoving his cock faster and deeper into her. After a few minutes he felt his whole body was going to explode as Susan withered around trying to escape from under him. Her taut walls kept his prick locked firmly in her grasp as she bucked wildly, and he continued going in and out of her tight ass opening.

When he was close to cumming he pulled from her ass with a lewd pop, leaving her ass spread open wide enough to see her insides. She let out a loud scream and quickly turned over to face him. He grabbed her by the ankle and dragged her out of the car onto the wet muddy ground.

“Now I’m gonna fucking shut your mouth the proper way!” he shouted as he drug her to the side of the road. He shoved her to the ground and quickly sat across her stomach watching her face contort in pain as he pushed her into overgrown brush. She could feel the weeds uncomfortably cutting into her, giving her a surge of adrenalin to fight back. Her nails ripped at his flesh.

He responded by slapping her again and again across her face, tits, stomach, anywhere he could make contact with flesh. He then reached out and picked up a nearby branch and whipped her fiercely across her body, leaving whelps everywhere the branch made contact. He could feel himself becoming further out of control, but he couldn’t stop.

He managed to grab her wrists and force her hands over her head as he pushed his hard cock into her mouth. He held her there, going in and out as she gagged and struggled to breathe. Her face turned red and tears welled up in her eyes as he pounded into her warm mouth. He was close to cumming as he pushed his thick cock deeper into her throat until he felt he was going to explode.
“I’m cumming bitch!” he yelled as he let go of the built up liquid. It felt like a train running through his body and exploding from the end of his cock. He relaxed and pulled his deflated organ from her throat and rubbed it across her face.

Susan could taste the hot salty cum sliding down the back of her throat and swallowed with one steady gulp. He let her hands go and leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips. She stopped and brushed the wet hair away from her face, and noticed they were both covered in mud and dead grass.

He stood up and then held out a hand to help her up. Smiling happily she said, “Next time we play this game, let’s make sure it’s not fucking raining, okay.”

Monday, February 1, 2010

Playing a Game

This is a work in progress that I wrote a few years ago... I wanted to make some changes and had it saved for a later day.. don't know why it already posted..

I was walking towards my car, when suddenly I see a man pulling out a knife. He pushes a button and the blade snaps out with a surprising sound. My body sent out a wave of adrenalin that sent my heart racing rapidly in my chest. He came close to me and grabbed my arm, just below my shoulder. His grip commanded me more than his tone.

"Do you see this?" he said waving the knife slowly back and forth in his hand.

“Yes” I said, wondering what he was up to, but breathing quicker from the shock and the adrenalin.

“Keep walking!” he said. He then clicked the blade back into the handle of the knife, but pressed it up against my side, hard, yet not enough to hurt. Just enough to remind me he was taking control of me. We walked a few feet toward my car, and he leaned over to my ear, and in a strong, raspy, low voice, whispered to me, “Don’t scream, don’t say a word, or I’ll kill you. Do you understand?” I nodded yes quickly, my mind racing with apprehension and excitement.

My breathing continued to race as well, as I became lost in his words and his actions, forgetting that this was the very same man who I have come to trust with my life, my history, my soul, my love… At that moment, he became a stranger with such intensity as to light me up, both with fear and with trembling sexual tension. What would he do with me?

“What do you want with me?” I whispered. He yanked my arm forward in reply, hurrying my step and displaying his impatience with my actions.

“I told you not to talk!” He growled, pressing the butt of the knife against my throat, threatening to click open the blade against my vulnerable flesh. He then opened the passenger-side door of my car, throwing me onto the seat, sneering at me. He drove me back to my place in silence.

Once inside my apartment, me shaking with trepidation, he said to me, “I’ve only got 8 hours ’till I’m outta here. You cooperate with me, and I won’t have to hurt you. You understand?” I nodded.

I guess he could sense my fear, his voice seemed so powerful and pleased with himself. He grabbed my arm again, pushing me toward my bedroom, which was easily visible given the small size of my living quarters. My mind began to fly wildly with images of what he had in mind. I knew what he wanted, but I didn’t want to admit it to myself. No, no, no, I kept saying, he’s not really going to do anything, he just wants a place to stay.

The entire time he had kept me close enough to him as to not let me see his face. Of course my fear helped him; I was petrified that if I made one false move, he would take it as an excuse to slice my throat open. He shoved me face down on my bed, ripping my coat off my arms as he flung me forward.

“Eight hours, and I’ll be outta here. You won’t even hear me leave. And if you are good and cooperative, you’ll get outta here alive!” Then he moved in close behind me, pressing me to the bed with his weight. “Do you have neighbors nearby?” In fear and inability to think, I froze. He shook me quickly, hard, “I said, DO YOU HAVE NEIGHBORS NEARBY?!! Don’t MESS with me, little girl, or I’ll do you like I did the shop clerk. Told HIM I wouldn’t hurt him, too. You never know, by looking at people.” He laughed. “Get my drift?” I nodded.

What was that supposed to mean?!! He had told ME he wouldn’t hurt me. He had killed a shop clerk? What was I in for? Did I have any choice? “Is there anyone around who might hear you?” He repeated. I nodded again, becoming even more aware that there was nothing I could do now to defend myself, which would not mean sure death for me. “You live here all alone, don’t you?” I could hear he was half mocking me, that I had no one to help me. I nodded again. I heard him laugh.

He started to lift his weight off me, telling me, “Don’t even MOVE, or your DEAD!” What could I do? “TURN your head into the pillow!” I did, quickly. I didn’t want to infuriate him again, he seemed to be calming down a bit, and that meant I was more likely to live. “Such a pretty girl, to be living all alone. So-o-o-o-o pretty.” His voice sounded like a crazed lunatic as he spoke to me. He was slowly stroking my hair, like the way you’d pet animal.

Finally he spoke again. “What’s your name, pretty one?” I didn’t know what to say…should I tell him, or should I give him a fake name? Surely he’d never tell me HIS name, not his REAL one, anyway. He didn’t like my hesitation, and was quick to retaliate. He started gripping my neck as though to choke me, and I said “Tammy” through the tightness of his grasp. Then he got off me, moving toward my closet.

“My name is Tom,” he sneered. Yeah, right. Like I’d believe that… He opened my closet door, looking for who-knows-what, tearing things in the process. My mind continued to be a flood of images of fear and possibilities of what this man could take from me, now that he had me in his control. Anything he wanted, he could just take.

“Please don’t hurt me.” I wanted to distract him. “You want money, you can have it. You want a place to stay, you can…”

“SHADDUP!!” he howled. He was suddenly on top of me again. “You know DAMNED well that I will take ANYTHING I WANT! Besides, I TOLD you, I just need a place to spend the night, and then I’m free! Now, I have to be sure you don’t see me, so I won’t have to kill you. Can’t have you identifying me, now can I?”

He was stroking my long, blonde hair again, over and over, slower and slower. “So-o-o-o-o pretty!” Finally he spoke again, “I’m going to put this over your eyes, so that you can’t see. But I don’t want it to hurt, ok?”

I nodded again, a bit relieved that he had some compassion. Maybe I wouldn’t die after all. He tied a black strip of cloth around my eyes, being careful to move my hair before it pulled. So gentle, his touch. So this was what he was hunting for in my closet…a blindfold. He pulled the knot tight; firm, so that I couldn’t open my eyes, but not painfully tight. “Does that hurt?”

“No,” I said. My voice sounded small to me, like a child’s. But I was calming down. My only fear was that he wanted to take my body, and there’d be nothing I could do. Suddenly he grabbed my wrists, firmly. He was pulling my arms behind my back, but not painfully; only strong enough to impress me, not enough to hurt me. Not unless I struggled against him. I thought he’d tie my hands behind my back, he was looping a strap around my left wrist, but then he grabbed my shoulders and flipped me onto my back.

I quickly understood what he was up to, as my left wrist was pulled outward away from me; he had obviously tied it to a rope or something, and intended to tie my arms to my bedposts. I let him tie me. I struggled at first, and he responded by grabbing my neck again as if to choke me. I immediately stopped fighting.

“If you cooperate, I won’t hurt you, Tammy.” He was taunting me with his voice, making obvious implications that I could no longer deny. I lay frozen, as he progressed through each step, tying my other arm, pulling my pants down over my ankles and off, laying his body over my legs and my thighs. Each step, he repeated his appreciation of me, “So-o-o-o-o pretty….So-o-o-o-o pretty.”

As he lay on top of me, he whispered in my ear, “Just cooperate Tammy, I won’t hurt you.” He was using a soothing, softer voice, trying to calm me. Instead, my breathing quickened again. Being so vulnerable, not able to make any choices, being so helpless…he liked it, and was getting turned on by it, but so was I. Yet I fought to not let it show.

“I won’t hurt you…” he repeated, as he traced the form of my legs with his rough hands. “This is what ALL you women want, isn’t it?!!” He lifted his body away from me, leaving me wondering what he’d do next. Then I felt his knees near my shoulders. “I want to feel those pretty lips!” he sneered. Then, taunting me, “Cooperate, and you won’t get hurt.”

I took him in my mouth, noticing that my tongue was moving over him, without me thinking about it. Realizing this, I stopped; this lead him to thrusting his hips into me, sliding the length of him between my lips. He moaned in pleasure, “Mmm, yesss, I LIKE that.” His movements continued several minutes more, before he lifted himself away from me again. “Yesss, eight hours till I have to go.”

He then pulled my sweater up, exposing my breasts. I felt totally and uncontrollably vulnerable. I was wearing a black lace bra, as I usually did, and he moaned in approval. I was terrified of him. At the same time though, I was fighting back waves of pleasure coursing through my body. I was very wet, and I knew it would only be a matter of time before he’d find out, and my body would betray me.

He then lifted his body off me, only to abruptly force my legs apart at the knees. I felt like I was going to cry. But I never could, very easily, and now was no different. My tears never progressed past whimpers. Suddenly he thrust his fingers into me. I inhaled sharply at the shock, and the pleasure, of feeling him touching me. “Hmmm… Do you LIKE that, Tammy?”

He was playing with my mind, using my name to prevent me from hiding inside my mind, to keep the situation immediate to me. I didn’t answer. He took my silence as a confirmation to him, a sign of pleasure, and began moving his fingers inside me, pleasing me, touching me as only he knows how. Wave after wave of pleasure flooded my body, and I had to fight not to moan out loud. Realizing I was restraining, he continued caressing me, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm, pushing my limits of self-control. Finally I lost myself. Moaning and undulating at his touch, I was totally at his command.

“Tell me you are mine!” he said. I hesitated. His touch became more insistent; his weapon of control was pleasure now, not pain. My resistance collapsed under it, and when he repeated, “Tammy, TELL me you are MINE!” I followed his order.

I was lost in the waves, on the brink of what my body so hungrily craved, when he pulled his fingers out of me, making me writhe in unsatisfied agony. He’s teasing me. The pleasure continued to course through my blood, when I finally felt him climbing on top of me, preparing to thrust himself into me. “Do you feel that?” he teased, as he let just his tip caress my hunger. His actions were making my desire increase, to mind-numbing proportions! “Hmm?! Do you feel that?” he insisted, until all I could do in my madness and desire was nod, writhe, and moan.

Finally he thrust himself full into me, fast, then withdrawing slowly, repeated the quick thrust. Within the depths of me, each stroke’s hit caused incredible, powerful, thundering amounts of pleasure, his technique both teasing me with the slow withdrawal, and building me with the quick pressure. He’d started slowly at first, torturing me and building me, but then began repeating his movements faster and faster, until I couldn’t hold back my orgasms, or my groans. As though riding the crest of a wave, he had succeeded in controlling me even down to my climax, continuing the pleasure until finally, I could sense HIS approach, and he pulled out of me.

“I’m going to cum all over that pretty body of yours now, Tammy!” he breathed. He then started pulling the front of my sweater up over the back of my head, fully exposing my chest and belly to him. It wasn’t but a second before he was inside me again, pounding yet another climax out of me, and out of him.

He demanded I lift my head, saying “Do you want to taste me? Lift that pretty head up and open your mouth!” He was very close. As he came, he backed up, spraying hot liquid over my breasts, belly, and waist, but moving too far away for his juices to reach my lips. His voice showed his pleasure just as his body had, and he touched my fluid-covered skin with his fingers. He then told me to open my mouth again, and pressed his cream-covered fingertips over my lips and my tongue.

“I might even come back, when this is all over. I like you!” he said. He moved off the bed, finally, and went to my bathroom to retrieve a towel, and to clean up. With familiar gentleness, he cleaned my body, untied my bonds, and laid next to me. Then he removed my blindfold. Blinking, I had some difficulty re-adjusting my eyes to the light of the room. I looked at my captor, his gentle smile, his glittering eyes, his wavy hair.

“So does this mean you have to kill me now, now that I’ve seen you?” I smiled. He smiled back.

“This means I’m curling up next to you and going to SLEEP for the next 8 hours until I have to go back to work!” my love replied.

“Thanks for playing the game,” I whispered back to my lover.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meet Me Out Back

This is a story I wrote back in 2007-- I'm just moving it over to this site... enjoy!

There we stood between two buildings groping each other with wild abandonment. His hand slipped under my skirt and forced my legs further apart. He searched for the pleasure that overflowed within me. He smiled confidently, as his fingers slipped beyond the silk material concealing my pussy. The look on his face told me such an eager response to his touch hadn’t been foreseen. He was pleased with himself.

Slowly, he began to slide his fingers in and out of my wetness. He teased my clit intentionally between each thrust. If his intentions were to drive me crazy it was working. I held on tightly grinding my hips against him like a bitch in heat. Each wave of pleasure was more intense than the one before, as my orgasm drew nearer.

“Ohhhh God Yessssss!” stumbled out of my mouth. The uncontrollable spasms of release had descended upon me. I rode each wave of passion until it began to subside. He slipped his fingers from my pussy and brought them closer to his face. With both fingers completely immersed in his mouth he began to suck my juices from them. His eyes closed as I watched him inhale the sweet scent of desire.

Satisfied he had devoured every lingering trace, I heard him command, ” Get on your knees now.” He was quiet so as not to call attention to us, yet his voice remained firm. I knelt willingly before him on a small patch of grass growing between the buildings. He unbuttoned his jeans and lowered the zipper until it wouldn’t go any further. I noticed that he was having difficulty sliding his jeans down over his hard cock. It had become so swollen with arousal that I think it even surprised him. In the faint starlight, I detected a glint of pre-cum glistening at the tip. It was enticing me to take a taste to lick it clean, and then it begged for me to suck its hardness more. His cock twitched in anticipation, beckoning me to fulfill its need.

I admired his thickness for only a moment, before I felt his hand cup the back of my head. Urging me forward. His fingers entangled within my hair to anchor his grasp. “Suck me.” he ordered in a low growl. I lowered my mouth over his length until I wasn’t able to take anymore. My lips hugged his cock tightly as I began my slow torturous descent.

“Mmmm, Yeah that’s it baby.”

My mouth slid hungrily up and down his cock. The rhythm accelerated, as I became more comfortable with his size. I became obsessed with the task at hand, sucking him harder and faster. I wanted to hear him beg for release to lose control.

His grasp on my head tightened, as he held me still to receive his thrusts. I fondled his balls with my free hand, raking my nails lightly along the taut skin. He slowed his frantic pace to keep from releasing too soon. Both of my hands slid around to cup the well-defined roundness of his backside. I caressed the soft flesh invitingly, which almost sent him over the edge. His thrusting stopped abruptly. “Stop ” he begged, “I’m not ready yet.” I moaned in disapproval, as my lips slipped from the end of his cock. “Get up.”

He had something else in mind something I longed for. To feel him deep inside of me, filling me completely with his hard cock. Fucking me hard and fast until neither of us could hold back any longer. I stood slowly, brushing the remnants of sand that clung to my knees. He was impatient. His lips assaulted mine with intense need. I reciprocated feverishly, with no intention of denying my own needs.

His hands clawed at my top trying to release my breast from its prison. He found success, as my left breast was exposed to the night air. The darkened color of my nipple stood out against the paleness of my skin. He leaned down and caught the erect nipple in his mouth, sucking at it hard. His tongue teased me in between each playful nibble. I didn’t know if I wanted to pull him closer or beg him to stop. Within seconds, the decision was no longer mine.

Turning me around to face the wall, he lifted the bottom of my skirt, so that the backside rested at my waist. “You better use the wall to steady yourself.” He suggested. I bent slightly at the waist and did as he said. With my hands against the wall I felt him tug at the sides of my lacy panties. Evidently, they didn’t give way as he intended. I felt him tear at each side until the unwanted restriction was removed. They lay in a heap on the ground beside my feet no longer functional. His intensity scared me a little yet excited me too.

For some reason I briefly glanced toward the exit of the bar. A couple of guys stood outside and appeared to be talking quietly to each other. “Had they heard us?” I wondered silently. They looked around inquisitively, as if searching for something they heard, but couldn’t see.

I felt the head of his cock pressing against me from behind. He rubbed it up and down the length of my pussy until it was covered with my juices. His fingers slipped in and out of my hole a couple of times. I felt him position the head of his cock against my opening once again and waited for the initial thrust. He grasped my hips firmly and plunged forward. His hard swollen cock pierced the tightness surrounding my womanhood. I flinched at the initial discomfort, but quickly surrendered to the delightful fullness I felt deep within. His cock, slick with cum, slid in easily. Until his groin rested against my fleshy cheeks unable to plunge any deeper.

A groan of undeniable ecstasy escaped his lips. I mirrored his verbal approval with my own deep moan of appreciation. My hand involuntarily reached for my exposed nipple. Rolling and pinching it between my fingers I waited for the emptiness of his outstroke followed by another deep thrust into my tingling depths. Every nerve ending felt alive with sexual tension. He continued teasing me, slowly pulling outward then thrusting deep. It wasn’t long before I insisted he stop the insatiable teasing. “Fuck me damn it!”

At my request, he began driving his hard cock into me. He had every intention of continuing until he had nothing left to offer. His deep hard thrusts gave new meaning to the saying, “Hurts so good.” It wasn’t long before I was pounding against him in perfect unison. I abandoned the need to touch myself, when I realized both hands would be needed to steady myself against his driving force. I held on tightly to the brick support I found necessary, while my sanity slipped between the cracks of the wall. Our impending climax heightened. I was so close.

The climatic quiver began in my toes and vibrated throughout my entire body. The intensity seemed to double once it reached my pussy. I could feel it throb involuntarily around his shaft. He couldn’t hold back any longer. Thrusting into me one final time he emptied his load into my depths. He pressed against me exhausted allowing my orgasm to milk him dry.

His spent member slipped slowly from between my legs, as it was still very sensitive to touch. I turned toward him and began to readjust my clothing. A smile was upon both our faces. I guess I could assume confidently, that both of us were completely satisfied with the night’s outcome. He fastened the button on his pants. “So, are you planning on going in?” he asked. He nodded towards the back door that people had been using all night. “Or would you prefer to go somewhere else?”

That little devilish grin formed on my lips once again, as I replied, “Somewhere else sounds like a lot more fun. You coming?”

“Not yet but I will be.”

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Affair

Stories on this blog are fiction, and any relation to a real person, is purely coincidental.

I pressed my body against his, kissing him passionately, feeling his passion in return, his hand slid to my breast as he opened my top and took my breast in his hand.

“Your breast feel wonderful,” he said taking them in his hands.

“Please taste them,” I whispered back to him.

He licked my breast slowly all over, his tongue whipping over the nipple and back again, then he let his mouth rest on it, his teeth closed over and nipped it lightly. The pain made me ache more for him. I arched my body into his. He continued to play with my nipple in his mouth, rolling it around from side to side.

“Don’t forget about the other one” I said pushing it towards his face.

He groaned and moved back to look at my breasts, and then he cupped them both and bent over to lick them both from one to the other, biting them and tweaking the nipples, pulling and biting them. I slowly let my hand fall to his crotch and felt his arousal, he wanted me and I was going to let him know how good it could be between us. There was no going back for me.

I laid back on the bench and he looked down at me, my breasts were marked where he had bitten them and my nipples were hard waiting for more. I pulled open my skirt and he could see my hairless lips, which were open to him where the crotchless panties split open for his pleasure.

“Taste me some more,” I pleaded, as I opened my legs wide, lifting one over the back of the bench. He knelt on the edge of the bench and his tongue lightly ran the length of my lips. I shuddered and prayed he would not stop. He continued with his tongue, lightly down one side then back up the other, stopping only to apply light pressure to my clit. He continued to do this and I became wetter and wetter as he did. He let the tip of his tongue play with my clit pressing on it and then licking it gently. He let his tongue run over my smoothly shaven cunt and then back to my clit.

He was driving me wild. I began holding his head down and pressing my pussy into his face. Then he parted my lips with his fingers and let his tongue slip inside me. As the delicious feeling swept over me, I pushed his face into my pussy covering his cheeks in my juices. I rode his tongue as it fucked me, and the I felt an orgasm rising. I held his head firm as my body rose up to his face.

I screamed as I came, “Fuck me!“ I wanted to feel his body in mine and knew this orgasm would prepare my body for what was to come next. As I relaxed my hold on his head, he raised his mouth to mine and kissed me. I could taste my own juices on his tongue and felt my wetness on his face.

“I can’t make love to you. I’m wrong to being even doing this,” he said. “No one can find out that we’ve been together like this.”

I couldn’t let this stop here. He was on his knees on the bench and I sat up letting my hand go to his zipper, quickly I opened it and let my hand slip in. I could feel his hard cock was waiting for release, and as he pull away, I bent down and slipped my mouth around his thickness.

‘Ohhhhhhhhh’ he sighed, he was going nowhere as far as I was concerned. I pulled back and licked the tip, then the foreskin and licked the top avidly. I loved sucking cock, honestly loved it, and when I saw the precum on the tip, I had to let it touch my lips. Sticky juices covered my lips as I pulled back enough for him to see. Then I sucked the foreskin back over the tip and let my tongue slide up and down the shaft from tip to balls.

Pushing his underwear down, I took his balls in my mouth and sucked them hard. I licked them and sucked them individually, and together nipping them with my teeth. I continued licking all over, meantime allowing my fingers to play with his shaft, feeling the throbbing from the big vein that was there. I played with his cock gently, not wanting him to cum before I was ready for it. I let my lips slide back up his cock onto the tip again and licked it slowly and teasingly, as my tongue linger on the tip, my fingers played with his balls at the same time.

I rose up to meet his mouth again, and kissed him deeply as I pulled him on top of me. I laid back and opened up to him. I took his cock in my hand and guided it into my wet and welcoming pussy. We maintained eye contact as we did, never letting one look away from the other. I was daring him, and he was allowing me to lead him into dangerous territory.

He lay still on top of me, as I enjoyed holding his buttocks firmly on top of me with both of my hands. My nails were digging into him as I forced him into my awaiting cunt. I knew he would be marked, but at that moment it didn’t matter to either of us. I wrapped my legs around him and although he still wasn’t moving voluntarily, his cock was deep within me and I was squeezing it with my cunt muscles.

I felt his climax start to build, so I pulled him deeper inside my throbbing cunt. Suddenly I felt his release within me. There seemed to be loads of cum running out of me as he slipped out. I slipped out from under him and knelt between his legs, taking his cum covered cock into my mouth so I could drain the last drop from him. I continued to suck him as he lay there, then climbed on top of him so that he could suck my pussy as I sucked his cock. I knew he would get hard again, and it would be up to me how long it would take. Within seconds I could already feel him stirring in my mouth.

I moved up so that his cock was now between my breasts and I began to tit-fuck his long thick cock. He was become semi-hard, but this time it was different, he was in control! He slipped two fingers into my pussy and finger-fucked me, as I tit-fucked his cock. Oh so much pleasure, giving and receiving. I was almost ready for him as I felt my cunt getting wetter.

Suddenly, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, and ordered me to bend over the bench. I bent over and he spread my legs wide. My tits were hitting off the back of the bench, as he put his hands on my shoulders and bent me further over. He spread my legs and I felt his cum run out of my pussy as his cock slid into me once again. He pushed me down hard and I felt the full force of his body as he rammed his cock into me, riding me hard.

He was animalistic in this, then his hands slipped under my body grabbing my tits and pulling on them. I loved it because it was so wild. Again and again, sliding it out of me and ramming it up me hard, as he was twisting my nipples hard. Then I felt it. My orgasm and his was building together as I bucked against him as hard as he was fucking me. Both of us losing control, wanting to devour each other, needing the release and suddenly it was there. I screamed and he groaned as the release hit us. I squeezed my cunt muscles tight against his cock as he shot his load spurting deep into my pussy.

We collapsed onto the bench and he slid out of me. I let my hand rest on his cock as we recovered slowly.

“I have to go back to work,” he said.

“And what about your wife?” I replied.

“This can’t happen again” he said.

“It won’t,” I replied, stood up and walked away, just as slowly as I had when I had first arrived. It had stopped raining, funny we hadn’t noticed. I smiled as I remembered the dismay on his face and I had said ‘it won’t’, obviously not the reply he wanted was it? I had a feeling that I had just arranged a regular lunch date.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shower Time

I was staring at him and I couldn’t stop. He looked fucking gorgeous as he stood there naked, water cascading down over his thick thighs. His dark tan muscular chest and arms gleamed with strength and power. Even his ass I thought was a thing of beauty. It was round, etched, begging to have my nails digging into them as he pumps deeply into my hole.

I was getting wet watching him wash himself, one hand rubbing over his chest, while the other lathed around his neck. He looked up and smiled when he noticed I was watching him and motion me inside. I quickly undressed and leaned in to kiss him, enjoying the salty taste of his mouth mixing with the sweetness of the water. I looked into his dark eyes, and keeping the gaze, I kneeled in front of him letting the water splash around us.

I felt for his soft cock and took the head in my hand, rubbing it across my lips as the water fell on my head and down over my breasts. My wet eyelashes fluttered as his cock slipped easily into my open mouth. I sucked gently, flicking my tongue over the tip, as if I were getting to know it formally.

His strong hands held the back of my head tenderly as a deep growl escaped from his lips. His cock grew hard in my mouth when I sucked with hard pressure on the tip and cupped his balls warmly in my hand. I inhaled deeply, enjoying the fresh clean smell and taste of his cock in the wetness of the shower. I wanted to feel the sensation of his cock deep in my throat, gagging me slightly.

I sucked his hard cock fully into my wet, warm mouth until I felt the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat. I swallowed, and then began letting him thrust his cock quickly in and out of my mouth. When he was close to cumming, he pulled his cock from my mouth and lifted me up face to face. Our wet bodies slid together, and his tongue pushed into my mouth, wrestling against my tongue, mixing our fluids.

He whipped me around and pushed me against the shower wall. I brace myself as his hand quickly spreads my legs wide, and he begins rubbing my clit in a circler motion. Pleasure sweeps across my body, and my nipples turn hard. I begin moaning loudly when he pushes one and then two fingers inside my snug cunt.

I feel his wet strong body pushing against my wet slick body, smashing my breast against the wall. The hardness of his cock presses against the cheeks of my ass, making my cunt ache in anticipation. I raise my ass slightly, presenting it to him, giving it to him to do as he pleases.

He rubs his cock up and down my cunt opening, and then bits the back of my neck as he fully inserts his cock into my awaiting pussy. I moan loudly as his cock spreads my tight walls and smashes against the bottom of my cunt. I bite my lip as the sensation sweeps across my body, and he begins to thrust in and out of my wet hole.

His hands hold the curves of my hips, supporting me as he slides fully in and out with each stroke getting harder and faster. I let my face smash against the wall as I use one hand to rub my clit back and forth. He increases his fucking speed, which quickly sends me over the edge. I let out of low scream as my pussy tightened, clenching his cock like a delicate fist, and then pleasure spread across my middle section as cum flowed from my cunt. He kept pumping away at my pussy until he felt the last bit of my contractions stop.

He paused with his cock inside me, and let his right hand crept down over my hips. He gently spread my ass cheeks and let some of the water flow down over my cherry brown hole. The warm water tingled and made it easy for him to insert his forefinger into the tight opening of my ass. I shook my wet hair, and opened my legs wider, welcoming him in. I arched my back, like a cat in heat as his cock moved around inside my cunt and his finger explored my ass. Cum dripped from my cunt. “Fuck me please,” I whispered over my shoulder.

He inhale deeply, and I could tell he was smiling. Water splashed over my back and ass, his finger buried deep in my anal opening, his hard cock sliding in and out of my cunt. He shoved another finger into my ass, making my cunt hole even tighter. He then shoved me hard against the wall and fucked me with all the strength he had. Slamming into my cunt over and over. In and out. In and out. Relentless fucking of my holes.

Pleasure raced throughout our bodies, and I felt him give one last incredibly deep thrust, going deep into my openings. I felt the load of his cum squirting against the inside of my tight swollen pink walls. We both moaned loudly as he thrust the last of his juice deep inside and pulled his fingers from my ass. He lightly kisses the back of my neck as I stand there breathless, letting the now cold water flow over my drained body.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Rapist Nightmare

His grimy eyes stare out into the dreary cold night as he stands alone in a dark alley. He’s watching her from a short distance, waiting for just the right moment. His focus is on a well dressed woman that steps forth out of the thick clinging fog that swirls around her body as she moves effortlessly across the damp night grass. She appears to float along as if she were the dead rising from their graves.

The woman smiles and inhales deeply as she stretches her long thin arms above her head. Her older style blue hip hugging skirt, molds to her body as if begging someone to stroke their hands over her body. A tight gray sweater hugs the swell of her ample breasts, lifting them even higher then normal so that the nipples look directly at you when she moves. Her blond hair hangs loose, streaming down over her shoulders. Her bangs hang down partly blocking the view of the coal blue eyes as if only to tease you with them.

A breeze kicks up causing her blond locks to blow free playfully about her fair skin. The swirling haze of the fog works in her favor as she walks onto a main alleyway. She walks slowly, looking hard at buildings as if lost. Dimly lit windows look like small eyes staring balefully down on her. This is not a place for a sexy lady to be out wandering in the dark. As she turns the corner onto a smaller alley a large rugged black man slips from a shadowed doorway. Lost in thought, she walks slower, showing no fear of her surroundings.

The man is dressed like a thug, and casually strolls along as he watches her from a short distance. He walks with an air of comfort, living in the area all his life, he knows the area well. He conceals a large knife that hangs in it’s sheathe off his belt.

As she slows her pace, he calls out to her, “Hey Sugar.” His deep voice rings out loud from behind her. She looks casually over her shoulder, but doesn’t answer him. She picks up her pace and moves swiftly towards an opening to the left. She ducks into the shadows, but she moved to slowly and he sees where she is hidden.

With a deep booming laugh he follows her into the alley. When she sees it is a dead end she turns, thinking she could get back into the main alley, instead the stranger stands in front of her.

“Hello sugar,” he says with a grin on his face. His eyes look her over with an obvious hunger in them. She begins to back away from him, her eyes darting looking for an escape. Sadly, even the alley was against her as she backed away from him, her foot stepped into a small puddle of greasy water. Her pump slipped in it, and down she went, her ass smacking into the concrete, causing her to cry out in pain.

“Don’t worry sugar I will take care of you.” His tone frightens her, and she realizes what he has on his mind.

He laughs deeply as he moves slowly towards her with the knife in his hand. The long, thin blade, reflex’s the shinny half-moon that hangs low in the air. He moves at her quickly before she can get back on her feet.

She feels the cold blade touching the tender skin on her neck, making her cry out softly. “No no no please....!” she shouts with a low whimper.

She feels his lips touch her ear “Sugar your gonna give me so much lovin tonight! I will make you my whore.” His words were so vulgar and dirty to her, but it made it obvious that he intended to do harm to her. He reaches out a strong hand and grabs her firmly around the neck, holding her completely immobile.

Just then she feels the cold steel blade moving slowly down her body, until he finds the edge of her sweater. The sharp blade cuts through the woven sweater with effortless ease. Her eyes open wide and meet his as her pale cream colored breasts spill out from under the destroyed sweater. Her face flushes a pale red as she struggles to hide them from his eyes.

The moonlight made this moment feel surreal for them both, almost like a dream. The cool air kissed her breasts, making the dark pink nipples to harden. Her nipples formed into solid points of flesh before him as she again struggles to get free. He growls at her like a wild animal, then pushes her to the ground and straddles her so she couldn’t move. He leans heavily on top of her, pressing his larger body over her smaller frame. He catches her nipple in his mouth and bites down on it brutally, making her scream out.

He slaps her hard across the face, telling her to be quiet. He then holds the knife blade closely to her shaking lips and warns her again, “Do as you are told and this could be pleasant, but don’t listen, and you might lose your life. Do you fucking understand?” he said in a low husky voice.

Fear consumes her, and her body goes limp as she lays there quietly whimpering in fear. She can feel his thick hard shaft through his pants, pressing into her stomach. He deliberately rubs his swollen member up and down her mid section. She feels his callous hand rubbing over her breasts, and then pinching her nipple with force.

She lays there numb to his repeated assault. “Good my bitch, just lay still and do as your told.” Lust consumes his mind, and fills with various delusions. He reaches down and pushes her tight skirt up, forcing it up over her hips. The cool night air rushes over her body and she begins to whimper. He slaps her hard across her face and tears cascade down her cheeks, shimmering in the moonlight that sweeps across her face.

His hands savagely tear at her thin panties and rips them from her body. He tosses them in the direction of a trash dumpster, and then turns his full attention to the smell of her body. The light scent of her perfume and cleanly shaven body, drives him insane. As he holds the knife near her throat, he leans down once more to bite her nipple. She continues to hold still even as a little blood begins to ooze from her left nipple.

With his free hand he unhooks his belt, and then unbuttons his pants, pulling down the zipper in one quick motion. His mouth stays locked onto her nipple, sucking and licking it around in circles. When she hears his actions, it causes her to whimper again. Her mind races, experiencing the feeling of needing to wake up, hoping this must all just be a bad dream.

He shifts his body, and then pushes his pants down to his knees, freeing his pent up cock. He switches to her other nipple and begins to torture it in the same way, biting it until it bled. She feels his cock trying to angle her hips so he can’t penetrate her. He shifts upward and presses his cock head to her cunts lips. “Ahhh you gonna like this whore!” He feels her wetness, and uses one hand to guide his throbbing cock towards her tight opening.

He bites down hard on her right nipple as her slams his cock fully into her cunt. The soft folds of her cunt surround his cock and grip it firmly. He begins thrust is cock quickly in and out of her, hitting the cervix with each hard stroke.

She whimpers, but does not move as he holds the knife firmly at her throat. She lays there, powerless as he takes her breasts once more, licking, sucking, and biting her like a wild animal.

Her folds are incredible tight, but well lubed, making his rape all the more pleasurable. With each stroke into her hot folds, his balls smack into her small round ass. His roughness punishes and humiliates her even more. After several minutes of this brutal rape his cock begins to swell deep in her heated folds.

She begins to moan loudly in enjoyment, as the thought of him cumming deep inside her consumes her thoughts. She begins to buck her hips fiercely into his, consuming more of his thick cock deep inside her moistness. She licks her lips as he looks down at her face.

“Come on you stud,” she moans in a low voice. Her tone is hot, and expresses the need to ride his cock. Uncontrollable words spill from her lips, “Fill me with your rapist cum!” she moans loudly.

She wraps her legs tightly around his waist, embracing him in her warm silken embrace. He bucks hard one last time and shoots his load deep into her throbbing cunt. He pulls his lips from her nipple, and looks down at the woman. She is somehow different, slowly changing as he continues to stare at her now pale skin.

As his breathing slows, his limp cock is still being milked dry deep inside her tight cunt. His cock inside her no longer feels warm, but instead feels like a cold tight rubber hose wrapped around his cock. The inside tissue of her opening sucks up his cum, making her core dry. She painfully holds his cock with her tightness.

As he tries to pull his cock from inside her, he sees her as she really is, with stringy, thin hair, and the face of a creature covered in warts. Her coal blue eyes remain the same color, but her skin color turns gray like a corpse. The life inside her, is now cold and cruel. His own face turns pale, and the life behind his eyes runs away.

Her words are still soft, but the voice is coarse, almost broken now. “Was my fucking pussy good, you bastard?” She bends her head forward, looking up at him.

In shock, he freezes, still with his cock deep inside her tightness.

Her hand shoots down with a blink of an eye, grabbing the knife blade with a soft grunt. With one quick show of strength, she snaps the blade in half, and then drops it near his body. She reaches out and forcibly grabs him around his neck. She pulls his shocked face to her breast, which are no longer beautiful. Instead they look like rotting, sagging flats of old breast tissue.

“Thank you for my meal,” she whispers to him and then wraps her long legs around his body, holding him in place. He tries to fight, but she is stronger than any man he had ever met. It was like pushing against a stone wall.

When her rotting nipple nears his lips he bites down hard, trying to hurt her in any way he can. She sighs deeply with pleasure as he bites into her harden flesh, cuddling him closer into her cold body. Her insides are no longer hot or smooth, just cold and dry, and she uses it all to rape his cock, squeezing it even tighter. Her lips trace over his ear, along his neck, holding him in her strong grip.

Suddenly he feel something sharp poking into his neck, thinking it might be the knife, he tries to struggle free. The feeling changes to not one, but two sharp objects stabbing into his body. Without warning she slams her fangs deep into his neck. He can feel his blood moving swiftly to her lips as she works his neck.

She murmurs a soft “Yes!” as if cooing to him as she drinks. The pleasure he feels is more intense than any of the other 20 some rapes that he had done in the past couple of years. Soon he is griping her as if she were his long lost lover. Pleasure courses throughout his body until he feels himself fading into blackness from lack of blood.

His starved heart begins to spasm in his chest as she licks her lips, and then his neck. He hears her last words as his world dims.

“You’re mine now..... oh so handsome. Mine forever.” Her voice so full of happiness as she releases his still form from her grip. Reaching down, she finds the discarded blade and flicks it across her nipple and watches as dark blood flows freely.

In his dim vision, he sees this through his shadowy dieing eyes. Feeling her hand once more prodding over him, wiping her blood across his lips, making them burn. He whimpers, but she coos sweet words to him and fills his mouth with the blood streaming from her nipple.

“Drink my son!” She commands and rubs her hand over his throat causing him to gag and swallow the a large gulp. He whimpers once more and then begins to suck like a baby on tit. The bitter sweet blood flooding into his mouth, brings life back to him.

He feels her fucking him once more, sliding his coated cock in and out of tight hole. He growls darkly, drinking more of the dark blood until to grows full and spits the nipple from his panting lips. The thought of what he did sickens him, his mind unable to believe he has drunk this creature’s blood.

His cock is still hard though it feels different in her cunt as she fucks him. She rapes him as he did her earlier. He is too weak to stop her anyway. His cock was no longer able to provide sperm for her meals. He turns his head away from her hoping to find solace in the mists. This only allows him to find his reflection in a wet puddle.

With a scream of shock he looks on his new form. His once clean rugged good looking face is no more. In its place is a sore covered face with a lesion next to his nose. His words come out almost like hers, but more grating. “What did you do to me?” He reaches out for her in anger. This time he flies loose from her with a single shove. His cock came loose with a lewd popping sound from her body.

She rises to her feet smoothing out her skirt and looking over her sweater. Seeing the damage done to it she shrugged it off, letting it drop there looking at him. “You owe me a sweater mister,” she says giggling and turns toward the alleyway.

As he rises, he looks to her in anger. “Bitch!”

Turning she looks to him smiling a sluttish smile. “Come here!” When he does not come to her side she laughs. Smiling she uses a slutty tone now with him. There is something magical to her words commanding his body. “Come over here sexy.” He shakes his head no then is surprised as he finds his feet moving in her direction..

She catches his jaw squeezing it painfully. “Rule number one stud is I own you!” She releases him only to slam a fist into his stomach. The blow should only have made him laugh instead it doubled him over. Catching him she slings him easily over her shoulder rubbing his ass as she holds him naked from the waist down. She leaves his clothing in the alley for others to wonder.

Walking to a steaming grate she pushes down on it with her foot. The grate used often by her opens smoothly as she smiles “Welcome home lover.” She steps through carrying his weak form from the misty light of the night. The grate after a moment seals itself.

She laughs as she hefts him up, feeling his flaccid cock on her shoulder she leans to it. Slowly she sucked his head into her mouth with playfulness. Walking down the sewers tunnel she grows tired of the hard head in her mouth, and bites into it hard. He had enjoyed the attention until she had bitten him. He cries out in pain, and she rubs his ass once more, taking him into her home. His was just another scream in the dark down side of the city. The sound causes barely a head to turn in the mists, as another is taken.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Frolicking Around in the Land of Oz

The people in this town think I’m nuts,
they just don't know how right they are.

People around me, give me my inspiration Officer M. Thanks for the story. No harmful intent is meant to anyone, this is just for simple pleasure. This story draws characters from real life, however the story itself is 100% fictional. This is the world of fantasy and fiction where the hidden corners of the psyche may be explored. (Plus I love messing with the minds of others...hehe)

Years ago I lost the ability to catch the type of fish I was after, so I devised a plan that involved using a different type of worm. That was where my neighbor became involved... she became my bait. She is young, pretty, thin, and has child-like qualities that my type of prey tend to desire. All I had to do was stick the hook down her throat and she would unknowingly help me vanquish my enemies. I no longer had to chase my prey, she would bring them to the surface for me and reveal their hiding locations. Then I could rob them of their wealth, or force them to perform sexual acts of humiliation.

Frolicking Around in the Land of Oz

Jay was in for what he thought was going to be a lousy weekend. Normally he spent his weekends patrolling the streets, preventing crime by spending most of his shift driving up and down well known streets. But for this weekend, he had agreed to change shifts with another officer who needed Wednesday and Thursday nights off to attend a meeting out of town.

He sat home alone, thinking about the different women he attracted just because of his uniform. Even though some of the encounters were frightening, it didn’t stop him from enjoying the job the loved. Occasionally he would spend most of his night shift posted at the local Q-Trip store watching the young girls come and go, flirting only with the ones who possessed young flirty girl-like qualities.

Officer Jay sat in the darkened room, smiling, thinking about a girl he had flirted with many times, when he was suddenly startled by a noise coming from his bedroom. Jay quickly rose, heart beating rapidly in his chest, took a deep breath and picked up his weapon from the coffee table. He heard footsteps coming his direction, so he quietly stepped behind a door going into the living room and waited on the intruder.

Jay was somewhat shocked when the intruder began walking into the living room. As the person came closer, he was surprised to see it was one of the girls he had flirted with at Q-Trip. She was dressed in low cut, tight fitting shirt and snug fitting jeans. He couldn’t help being turned on as he watched her stroll across the floor towards the kitchen, but then his officer training took effect and Jay stepped from the darkened corner.

“Put your hands where I can see them!” Jay shouted from the darkness.

All four foot, nine inches of Jennile froze.

“What are you doing in here?” Jay asked as he stepped towards her.

Jennile slowly turned around with a big naughty smile on her face, licked her lips, and stepped up to Jay, making contact with his body. “I just came by to say hello.”

Jay looked down at Jennile as she stared up at his 6’1”, 200lb body. He could feel the heat of her breath on his chest and it sent waves of pleasure descending deep enough to cause his cock to throb with excitement.

“How do I know you’re not here to rob or kill me?” Jay said with a slight smirk across his face.

“What do you want me to do? Take off my shirt to prove I’m not hiding anything?” Jennile giggled, took a step back away from Jay, and began removing her shirt. As Jay watched, she dropped it onto the floor, then removed her jeans and tossed them next to her shirt.

Jay began to smile. “That’s good, Jennile, but you might be hiding a weapon in your bra. So, I think you need to removed it, so I can make sure.”

Jennile unfastened the bra, and dropped it on the floor as Jay leaned forward to exam her lightly tanned nipples, and her smooth lean stomach. Jennile giggled like a schoolgirl as Jay ordered her down on her knees. She obediently knelt down in front of him. Jay reached down to her small petite body and stroked her pretty face and short black hair.

“I’m a bad girl. I need to be severely punished. Just please don’t take me to jail officer. I’ll do anything you want.” Jennile again giggled at the playful remarks.

Jay smiled and decided to play along with her little game. “All right, my little thief. Looks like I’m going to serve up a little harsh punishment. Unzip my pants.”

Her fingers lightly brushed against his semi-hardness, sending delicious tingles up and down Jay’s spine. Jennile swallowed hard as she reached her little hand inside his jeans. She could feel the soft cotton of his briefs, and the thick hardness of his cock underneath. Every movement of her fingers brought him pleasure as she slowly removed his cock. In her small hands, his cock looked like a monster, and she gasped when she saw its full length.

Jay grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her towards his cock. “Suck it for me you little bitch thief. And if you tell anyone, I’ll have you arrested for stealing.” Jay then pulled Jennile closer to his cock and ordered her to open her mouth. Jennile took his cock fully in her mouth without hesitation. Her tongue moved tentatively against the bottom of his cock, leaving a hot wet trail. Jay began taking short pants of air as he forced her head up and down his thick cock.

Unfortunately Jennile was much weaker than Jay and she couldn’t stop him from forcing his cock deeper into her throat. Jennile gagged and had to force herself back to keep from throwing up. Jay pulled his cock out of her mouth, grabbed her by her arm and pulled her to her feet. “Well, now little thief, that was a good start, but now put you hands behind your back.”

Jennile started to resisted, but with his strength he was able to quickly restrain her. He cuffed her wrists together and pushed her onto the couch so that she was kneeling on the cushions, her face pressed into the back of the couch.

“What are you going to ...” she tried to say, just as he pressed a washrag into her mouth. Jennile struggled to spit it out, but he was on top of her, easily holding her in place with one knee on her back.

Jay’s cock had softened a bit, but it quickly became rock hard again as he reached around her and pulled down her underwear. His eyes hungrily sucked in the sight of her firm young ass as he yanked her panties from her thin body. Jay slid a finger in between her legs and started rubbing his finger over her smooth cunt. He slid a finger into her opening and began rubbing it back and forth. Jennile squirmed, trying to let out small squeals of pleasure. His excitement began to build as he placed the head of his cock near her tight anal opening and began rubbing the head of his cock up and down.

Without a warning, Jay felt someone behind him, but didn’t have a chance to even turn around before he felt a object being smashed against his skull. He awoke to his head aching. He cradled his head in his cuffed hands as his eyes scanned across the darken room. He tries to struggle, but can’t move.

Part Two:

Officer Jay attempted to focus in on his surroundings when he noticed a chain secured to the wall above his head. It lead down the wall and attached to a set of leg irons on his ankles. He attempts to pull free, but all he manages to do is clang the metal loud enough that it alerted those who were holding him against his will.

A rather large woman around age 40 walked into the room, followed by Jennile being pulled along with a dog lease and collar around her neck. Jay immediately knew he was in trouble when he recognized the woman as a local psycho that he had previous encounters with.

The psycho woman walked towards Jay, holding a 12” hunting knife firmly in her hand. Jay began tugging fiercely at the chains as the large woman laughed uproariously at his frantic attempt to free himself. She bent down beside his body, stroked the top of his head and whispered, “Shhh, don’t make a sound, I’m not going to hurt you. For now. If you play real nice and do as I tell you, you’ll live to play another day. Do you understand me officer?”

“This fucking joke has gone to damn far! Take these damn cuffs and chains off me!” Jay shouted, and then yanked at the chains that confined him.

“Naughty, naughty officer,” the woman said shaking her head back in forth. “I guess I’ll just have to teach you a lesson about who is now in charge. You see this knife I’m holding? You know what I like to do with knives...remember....I like to cut things. Have you ever been cut officer?”

“No I haven’t you crazy fucking psycho bitch! And if you touch me with that damn thing I’m going to blow you head off when I get out of here!”
The psycho woman laughed loudly and then pulled on the lease in her other hand, making Jennile yelp loudly as she stepped forth. “Use this knife to cut away all his clothes,” she ordered. Jennile quickly took the knife from her hand and stepped towards Jay. She cut his sleeves all the way to his shoulders until she was able to remove the shirt from over his head. Next she tugged at his jeans until she was able to pull them down far enough that she could cut them away from his body, leaving him only wearing his bright white cotton briefs.

“The briefs too, and then shave him. You know I like my men clean and hairless.”

Jay protested, but clamed down when Jennile began lathering around his cock with the cool shaving cream. As the alcohol began to burn, he got a instant hard on from the sensation around his balls. Jennile continued shaving Jay’s body until every part of his body was hairless. When she finished she rinsed his body with a shower sprayer that was attached to the wall. Jennile couldn’t help but enjoy herself as she leaned her wet body against his smooth wet chest muscles, and rubbed her hands up and down his semi-hard cock.

“Wash his cock with you mouth,” the psycho woman ordered. She watched as Jennile leaned down between his legs and delicately flicked her tongue over his balls. Her small lips kissed his shaft, and sucked his cock gently while her hands pulled on his smoothly shaven balls. Jay closed his eyes and arched his back as he enjoyed the sensation against his will.

Without warning, the psycho woman cracked a whip hard across Jay’s back. A fine red line immediately appeared, and he screamed out in pain. Jennile didn’t stop, she continued slurping and sucking Jay’s cock as if it were the only thing she had eaten that day.

Whack! Again the whip came down and Jay shouted out, “ What do you want with me? Let me go! Kidnapping charges are going to be filed against you!” Jennile continued engulfing his entire cock into her small mouth.

The psycho woman whacked Jay across his stomach, leaving him whimpering in pain.
Whack! “You’re a strong, powerful man, with nice muscles, a deep powerful voice, and hands that grip tight.” Whack! “You enjoy ejaculating you juice deep inside our pussies.” Whack! “You must learn to experience what we experience.” Jennile’s assault on Jay’s cock had him worked up to the point where he was ready cum, even if he was being beaten black and blue.

The psycho woman ordered Jennile off his cock, which left his cock aching for pussy. The psycho woman walked casually up to Jennile, wrapped one arm around her waist, and kissed Jennile passionately, while squeezing her ass. The psycho woman stepped back and licked her lips, “Nice. A lovely salty taste. Our big officer must be excited.”

The psycho woman slid her hand between Jennile legs and felt her moist mound. “My little woman is all wet. Are you enjoying yourself Jennile?”

“Yes Ma’am I am. Please may I have some more.”

The psycho woman squeezed Jennile nipples, and then sent her off to retrieve a large strap-on dildo. Jay’s eyes went wide when Jennile returned with the cock already on. She walked up to Jay’s face and ran the dildo over his lips.”

“Lick it!” the psycho woman ordered, but Jay refused. She then walked over to him and slapped him hard across the face. “Lick it!”

Jay complied and lightly licked along the hard plastic dildo. “Now you will be fucked like a woman.”

Jay began to loudly protest, but the chains held him secure enough that petite Jennil was able to easily come up from behind Jay and place the dildo near his virgin anal opening. Jennil rubbed the long 10 inch fake penis with a fruity scented oil, and then squeezed a small amount over Jay’s opening. On the psycho woman’s signal, Jennil thrust the dildo deep into his ass. Jay let out a loud scream of pain and tensed up while Jennil held the large cock still.

“Look how nicely you stretch around Jennil’s cock. My pretty little girl looks so sweet having control over such a powerfully strong man as yourself. How does it feel being helpless and getting fucked like a girl?”

“Fuck you bitch! I’m going to fucking kill you when I get out of ..... Awwwwww,” Jay screamed when Jennile gripped Jay’s hips and began thrusting the cock in and out. Tears began to stream down his cheeks. Jennile began placing light kisses of affection on Jay’s back as she slowed her pace. She then reached around and began stroking his cock.

“Tell me you like it Jay,” the psycho woman said as she walked up to Jay and looked at his face. “Say you like your ass being fucked by a girl!” When Jay refused she slapped him hard across the face, and then signaled to Jennile.

Jennile began pumping the 10 inch cock deeply in and out of Jay’s ass. You could see by the look on his face that he was in pain, but still tried to express his contempt for the psycho woman. “Tell me you like being fucked by my whore!” Smack! “Say it!”

Out of anger and frustration, Jay finally screamed out, “I like being fucked!” The pain eased as Jennile pulled the cock from his aching ass. She dropped the strap-on to the floor and began rubbing her dripping hole. Her shaved slit glistened with her juices. With her other hand she rubbed and pinched her nipples as officer Jay watched her every move.

The psycho woman lowered Jay to the floor and removed his leg irons only. She then ordered Jennile to suck his cock. It became hard quickly and dripped pre-cum from the tip. Jennile then lowered herself slowly onto his throbbing dick. Her soaking wet pussy felt like a warm oven mitt around Jay’s cock and he couldn’t help moaning out loudly.

The psycho woman appeared over Jay and reached out to twist one of his nipples. He let out of low sheik, but didn’t not want her to stop. Jennile licked his chest as she worked her sweetness up and down the officers swollen member. When Jennile felt officer Jay getting close to cumming, she would pull off him, and the psycho woman would twist his nipples prolonging his erection. Jennile was getting what she enjoyed the most, a long hard fucking where she was in control.

Jennile let out a loud scream when she finally exploded around Jay’s cock. The psycho woman bent down and the girls kissed. Jennile’s juices ran down her thighs as she stood up from the officer.

Jay was still hard, but ready to exploded at any moment and wanted to feel the wet pussy squeezing his cock in all the right places. “If you want to get off, you’ll have to give it to me,” said psycho woman said with a devilish grin on her face. Jay had no other choice. Even if he couldn’t stand the psycho woman, the pressure that had built up deep inside was ready to explode.

She wrapped her full lips around Jay’s oozing cock head and hungrily sucked on the precum. The psycho woman spread his legs wide and ran her tongue along his thick muscular thighs. She was tasting his flesh, running her nails sharply across his body. Her tongue slowly worked its way up to the big shaft head. Then she took him fully in her mouth and worked her tongue over every vein. She licked her way down the shaft to the cum filled balls, stopping to gently suck on each ball before making her way back to the tip.

Jay quickly begins moaning as he cock swells in the psycho woman’s mouth. His cock is buried deep in her throat when he moans out, “I’m going to cum.” The psycho woman cups his balls in her hand as she strokes and sucks his convulsing cock. He was amazed at how much cum was pouring into her mouth. He watched her as she swallowed more of his juice that flowed from the tip.

When he finished the psycho woman stood and kissed Jennile full on the lips, letting her taste the salty liquid that dribbled down her chin.

“Very good. You have made my girl very happy, but this is just a start of the things to come. You’ll be like all the others, and won’t be missed for a few days. Each day we will push the boundaries of pain and pleasure a little more, but rest for now, there will be a lot more in store for you.”

The psycho woman stood with a smile on her face, picked up his police badge and tossed it in a basket with several other badges. Jennile skipped along behind her, giggling as she reached down and tasted her juices that were flowing down her leg.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hey Bunny!

Sent to me by a reader of this site... enjoy!

Sounds like a challenge! I'm up for it too... First of all, we will need an entire weekend for me to accomplish everything I plan to do to your hot body. It cannot be rushed!

We will need a soft rope. What I want to do to you will require you being tied in a revealing position. A position that will allow uninhibited access to your wet throbbing pussy with a diversity of objects including my hands, my eyes, my mouth, my throbbing seven inch cock and any other toys we may bring into the encounter!

I can be the most gentle man you could imagine being with, and at the same time at the blink of an eye, I can be the most aggressive lover you have ever encountered. Never violent mind you. Always with my partners best interest in mind. I am very aware of my partners likes, dislikes, what makes her comfortable, or what pushes her to the edge of ecstasy and maybe at times the edge of her limits of participation.

I will need a bucket of ice chips. Ice is at the very forefront of my most favorite sexual tools. Ice can be used in so many different fashions and in so many different body surfaces and orifices.

I also want to have a bucket of very warm wet towels next to our bedside. Something warm just to contrast with the cold sensation of ice in the above paragraph. After all... the ultimate stimulation with inanimate objects is to use them in a way the senses are never bored. A HUGE factor in the intrigue and stimulation derived from sexual toys and objects is a result of contradictory sensations. Hot/Cold, Soft/Hard, Fast/Slow ect.

Right at this very moment, I have a visual of you being tied up on the bed. No sheets on the bed, nothing to interfere with access to your most inner and intimate body parts.

With you, I want to first kiss your soft, full and pouty lips until I feel my cock becoming aroused. Next... I have to see, touch and kiss your fucking hot tits! God you have nice tits. Maybe you just know how to position your tits to make me want to just reach in and get a handful of tit regardless of how well I know you. I just want to see, touch and taste your tits so bad.

"God, I am so hard right now..."

After eye fucking your tits, I want to do the same with your wet, throbbing pussy. Begin by touching your pussy with nothing but the air from my lips... Then when you least expect it, plunge my tongue deep into your pink pussy lips that are shining and bulging from excitement. I want to suck on your hard and erect clit and stroke that hard clit with my tongue till you moan and say FUCK ME NOW!

Oh, by the way... When you say FUCK ME NOW... I will climb up and tickle your clit with the head of my cock until you arch your back trying to make your pussy swallow my cock. I want to tease you with my cock... Put just the head of my cock into your steaming pussy. Just allowing my cock head to penetrate your lips over and over.

Then I want to come around and let you suck my balls and touch my hard cock with your hands while I eat your wet soft cunt with my tongue, lips and maybe even a nibble from my teeth. Not hard though, just enough to let you know I could have.

I am feeling a bit tired of the restraints now. I want you to want to climb up me like I am a tree just to get on my cock. Damn... I am so ready to plunge my entire cock into you until I feel the end of your pussy. I want to rub your cervix with my cock, filling you completely with my entire cock.

When you get really wet and turned on, I am going to slip a vibrator inside your pussy along with my cock. Both my cock and the vibrator inside you. Then just lay there, focusing on kissing you and feeling your tits against my hairy chest. Let my throbbing cock and the vibrator massage you from the inside out.

Before we cum, I want to lube my cock and let you slide my cock inside your tight asshole. After you get as much of my cock inside your ass, I will plunge the vibrator inside your pussy so you have been penetrated with my cock and the vibrator at the same time.

By now, we are both ready to get off... Put my cock back inside your pussy and let me get on top. I will ride your pussy until your head hits the headboard. Grind on my cock until you feel my balls in your ass. Let me push so hard inside you my balls penetrate your hot snatch!

It won't take long now. We will both have that first orgasm that rocks your world so hard your knees are weak and your head is light.

After we both cum, we lay in each others arms and regenerate some much needed strenth so we can fuck again.

Okay my little Fuck Bunny... That is my idea of our first intimate encounter. Now I have to jack off. I will finish this in just abit. Be right back...

I just remembered!!! I haven't fucked you doggie yet!!! So we will in a bit... After we rest a minute.

Well sweetie, I hope you enjoyed reading my daydream of what I hope our first fuck would be like. Add me and Fuck me or you will be missing out on one of the best fucks you will ever have baby.

I want to FUCK you...